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RBCPC is proud to partner with missions and service opportunities in our community, across the country, and around the globe. We have missions teams that range from our own downtown San Diego to Africa, Asia, and South America. Our missions programs are selected and advocated by our own Elders, and supported by monetary gifts given by the congregation.

Missions Resources

Mission Trip Preparation Information


Missions We Support


Agabus provides financial supports for Egyptian Pastors. This support allows them to share the Gospel and serve other persecuted Christians in Egypt.

Agabus PK

Agabus PK provides support for Pastor's kids in Egypt. Helping them with education expenses and supplies. We also come alongside poor churches and provide supplies for their Sunday School Classes.

Alternatives Womens Center

Alternatives Women's Center empowers and serves women who are facing unplanned pregnancies. We want to be a compassionate place during this time of need.

Baja Presbyterian Missions

Baja Prebyterian Missions promotes Christ's message of hope, plants and grows churches, raises money for construction projects and supplements Pastor's salaries prior to church self-sufficiency.

Bethel Seminary

RBCPC has partnered with Bethel Seminary in San Diego to help enable a new generation of church leaders prepare for their ministries.

Door of Faith Orphanage

Door of Faith, in Northern Baja, is committed to provide the best home possible for the children entrusted to our care.

Elma Barnett Children's Centre

Elma Barnett Child Care Centre Kamanong (EBCCK) is a place that provides necessities for young children in the area around Kamanong, Kenya.

Escuela Cristiana Camirena

Escuela Christiana Camirina provides christian education to children in the poor area's for southern Bolivia. We're also an outreach center hosting community events and bringing the Gospel to community.

Gatyana Bible College

The Gatyana Bible College trains christian leaders in Xhosa, South Africa, so that they can bring God's word to their neighbors and communities.

God's Hidden Treasures

God's Hidden Treasures serves the needs of the poor, afflicted and the orphaned of Ukraine and to bring God’s love through personal relationships in the name of Jesus Christ.