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Our ministry's mission is to help you during this difficult time and to assist you with the planning of your loved one's memorial service. The following information helps outline the memorial services we offer and their associated costs.

The Memorial Service Includes

  • a Pastor to officiate the service
  • a Memorial Coordinator to help plan the service, welcome and assist the family and guests
  • a memorial program, celebrating the life of your loved one
  • a guest book
  • set up of memory tables and/or easels with photos and other memorabilia

Memorial Service Facilities

  • the Chapel seats up to 85
  • the Sanctuary seats up to 800

The Reception Includes

  • set-up, service during the reception, and clean-up
  • cookies/punch/coffee served for $3.50 per person for members, $4.50 for non-members ($150.00 minimum for both members and non-members)
  • memorial volunteers to serve the family and guests
  • additional food may be provided for a fee

Costs incurred by the family

  • Memorial Coordination: $200.00
  • Pianist/Organist: $175.00
  • Soloist: $150.00
  • Chapel for non-members: $150.00
  • Sanctuary for non-members: $300.00
  • Technical Services: $75.00
  • Honorarium for officiating Pastor

Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden at RBCPC is a walled and gated place of beauty, tranquility and privacy, with walkways and benches amidst tasteful landscaping.

Inset in the inner walls of the garden are 720 niches, each designed to accommodate up to two polished sheet bronze urns, each containing an individual's cremated remains. The niches are faced with polished red granite. Each niche is engraved with the deceased's full name, and dates of birth and death.

Members of RBCPC, their immediate family members, and friends of the church who regularly attend and support its ministries, are eligible to acquire inurnment privileges in the Memorial Garden.

Niche Fee Schedule

  • Rows 1 or 2: $1200
  • Rows 3 or 4: $1000
  • Rows 5 or 6: $800

The fee includes:

  • right of inurnment, in perpetuity
  • one or two polished sheet bronze urns
  • opening and closing the niche at time of inurnment
  • continuing care of the Garden's facilities

The fee does not include:

  • Engraving costs
  • Cremation costs

"In Remembrance" Plaque

Located in the Memorial Garden is a plaque designed to commemorate loved ones who are buried or inurned elsewhere. Members of RBCPC, their immediate family members, and friends of the church who regularly attend and support its ministries are eligible to purchase a wall-mounted remembrance plaque for $350 (one name) or $500 (two names).

A Memorial Garden brochure is available upon request. To view and purchase a niche in the Memorial Garden, please make an appointment with Frances Lin, , (858) 487-0811 x203.

Please click the following link to download a helpful Memorial Planning Information sheet.

For inquiries and general information about memorials, please contact (858) 487-0811 x221.